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Day 10: Hiking, really!

We put our plans from last Thursday into action and hiked towards the amusement park.

Day 7: Hiking day II

Today we tested the train (including a change) and looked further north at the hills. We also found a beautiful little coffee shop with an exquisite vegetarian meal, delicious muffins and brownies and a good coffee.

Day 5: Downtown Osaka 😈

Today we left our cozy suburb and entered Osaka’s heart. It was loud, it was shrill and we didn’t have internet.

Day 3: Hiking day

It’s Sunday and so the mean Austrian goes hiking. Since we already live halfway on the outskirts, we aimed for the Onji Shrine, a good hour’s walk away.

Day 2: The aliens are here!

In the most beautiful sunshine, we headed north today to get to know another part of our hood. We probably gave an employee a real shock.

Day 1: sleep in

After a two-day journey with hardly any sleep, the first day was: sleep in! Then we went exploring and shopping.

Day 0: Arrival

The outward journey took place in two stages. Since we didn’t trust the Deutsche Bahn, we drove to Frankfurt am Main a day early to stay at the airport hotel there. The next day we went to Osaka via Hong Kong.