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Startseite » Das Ende einer Reise ist der Anfang einer anderen

The end of one journey is the beginning of another

Even the most beautiful journey comes to an end at some point. The good news is that this journey was just the beginning and many more will follow. You can find out what Omani is up to, where she is heading and what marvellous works of art she will be creating over the next few years on her website and Instagram channel. You can read about how we fared at our Artist Residence in the Kiyoshima Apartment in Jan’s Artist Daily, and you can follow his other travels on his blog.

In December, Jan summarised the last few months and looked ahead to the next few months. It’s about the last few days in Beppu, the time in Lisbon and Espinho and the next plans. And you can find out why Omani and Jan parted ways. Forever?

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