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Day 40: Amusement Park II

After a few days of rain and work, we indulged ourselves today in the most beautiful sunshine and 27°C in Kijima Kogen Park. 🎢

Day 35: Breakfast

Make your coffee and join us: At breakfast we’ll tell you what a morning in Beppu looks like. 🛁

Day 26 – 31: Kyoto, Osaka, a ferry and Beppu

Over a week without a podcast, there’s a lot to tell. So, grab a drink of your choice, break out some popcorn and sit back for an hour of Smörgåsbord. 🍿

Day 18 & 19: Sakura and Hanami

As promised, this week we immersed ourselves in the cherry blossom season and joined the tradition of hanami.

Day 13: Everyday life

Now he has us, everyday life. Since work and deadlines are unfortunately lagging behind us, but new exciting projects are also waiting, this was probably unavoidable.

Day 10: Hiking, really!

We put our plans from last Thursday into action and hiked towards the amusement park.