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Startseite » Tag 16: Erste Comics & Straßenkunst

Day 16: First comics & street art

After half a day’s work, we decided to give ourselves some art and culture in downtown Osaka. That’s why we visited the Osaka Ukiyoe Museum and looked at what were basically the first comics in the world. In fact, it is an elaborate, multi-step woodcut technique that produces colorful artwork.

After that we finally wanted to go eat at the famous Oko, got there six minutes after opening – and already found a line of people in front of us who couldn’t get in and wait. After 15 minutes without anything happening, we let it be this time and headed home.

Waiting at the Oko.

We came across the Ebisubashi Bridge, so to speak the counterpart to the Charles Bridge in Prague: Except that on the 50 meter short bridge about four street musicians gave their best performances at the same time. Typical Japan: You just have to learn to block out noises that are more than 3 meters away. 🙉

This is Naoya, well known in Japan and really good. 🤘
We saw the drummer at a busy intersection, how he asserted himself against car noise and squeaking loudspeakers.

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