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Startseite » Day 62: Karaoke, Shinkansen & Tokyo

Day 62: Karaoke, Shinkansen & Tokyo

Just before saying goodbye to Beppu we enjoyed two hours of karaoke thanks to the fantastic Laura and would do it again. We also experienced a Shinkansen ride on which everything was different than announced and thought – including a 36-minute delay. 😱 The accommodation in Tokyo now meets all expectations: it is very small and everything you need for life has been stuffed into it. It’s just nicer to work somewhere else. We’ll tell you in the next podcast whether we can find nice work spaces.

PS: Omani was right and I didn’t even notice: Laura started another song at karaoke, even though we had to leave. I thought it was advertising. 😆

PPS: In the night of the next day we had our first earthquake alarm. At 4:20am the smartphone went off at full volume with “EARTHQUAKE EARTHQUAKE” and shortly afterwards it shook as if we were lying on the train. After a few seconds the spook was over and we had our first earthquake behind us. 🫨

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